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Causes of gum disease

The most common way of developing the gum disease is the plaque gathering on the teeth. This plaque causes problems since it is filled with bacteria. Not brushing your teeth can lead to the mentioned gathering of the plaque, produce an inflammation and irritate the gums. Acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis (ANUG) is a more serious type of gum problem and other names used for this problem are trench mouth and Vincent's gingivitis. This condition can be detected by the ulcers and swelling on the gums, produced by bacteria infection. Periodontitis is connected with the inflammation of the gums and it makes the impact on the tissue of the tooth socket and the jaw bone named alveolar bone. A felling of a loose tooth is experienced with this condition and it happens because an area between the gum and the tooth expands and creates a gap. Sometimes the tooth can even fall out.

Some studies state than every person suffers from this condition during the lifetime. This condition is usually benign and does not produce any serious problems, though sometimes this can happen. The condition ANUG occurs among people with a weak immune system .This condition is considered to be very rare.

Treatment and complications

Oral hygiene should always be maintained, not only because it can eliminate the gum problem. Flossing has to be used also. Three times a day a flossing should be done, and teeth should be brushed at least two times per day. Problems that include painful sores, damaged gums, unstable and loose tooth are a result of an untreated gum problem and there are several complications which can arise from it. They include counting the ones we have mentioned already, gum abscesses and receding gums.

Very serious complication can be induced because of ANUG. If the infection is not treated, it can expand to the alveolar bone and produce loose teeth and ulcers. There is a possibility the condition occurs again if the problem is not treated the first time it has been detected. When we say first, we mean during lifetime. Problems that can be experienced connected with the just mentioned problem, include gums which bleed and recede, gangrene and bad breath. Gangrene happens rarely and is considered to be a very serious complication. It is produced when tissue begins to die. Noma is the name used for gangrene following ANUG. This tissue will have to be removed. This condition which makes the impact on the cheeks and lips produces problems among people with extremely weak immune system and the ones who are not eating properly (malnutrition).

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