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Hormones that are responsible for our growth are pituitary growth hormones and they are secreted by the pituitary gland, which is placed in the central part of our brain between the two hemispheres. Pituitary growth hormone is made of the 191 amino acids and that is the reason why this hormone can reach different parts of the body in many ways. It is possible to purchase this hormone without a prescription and they are very popular for building muscles.
What is pituitary growth hormone?
This hormone stimulates cells to divide more quickly than usual, which is the reason why it is used in building muscles. This hormone also stimulates the production of IGF-1, which is also responsible for the growth and division of cells. Pituitary growth hormone or PGH makes metabolism faster and it actually increases the process of fat burning. Lyposis is the term used for making energy while burning fat, which means that, when we use this hormone, we lose our fat and that energizes our body and helps us to be more muscular. PGH is responsible for producing insulin, which is an extremely important enzyme for a proper body functioning. Deficit of insulin can induce a medical problem called diabetes, which is unfortunately, frequent in our population.
Deficiency of PGH
If our body produces smaller amounts of this hormone than needed, we can develop condition called dwarfism. It affects the growth and the person stays too short. This condition includes more symptoms such as weak immune system, high levels of fat, decreased muscles and lack of strength and it can cause serious psychological problems due to the low quality of life. Those who have the highest risk for developing this condition are those who suffer from pituitary gland tumors. These individuals can take hormones orally, but it is important to follow the procedure regarding taking these hormones.
PGH side effects
When a person takes hormones in the way that is not recommended, than he or she can experience certain problems, and unwanted effects of these pills may appear. The usual unwanted effects are pain in the muscles and joints. This pain is usually not very strong, but it can appear form time to time and cause disability to function normally, which is why you should always use small doses of this hormone at the beginning, and gradually increase the doses so that your body could adjust to these levels of the hormone. Always consult a doctor before you decide to use these hormones.

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