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Celiac disease is one of those diseases that can and should be alleviated with a proper diet. It is simply a matter of avoiding certain foods and focusing on others.

A celiac disease diet is basically a gluten-free diet. This diet, that is supposed to be followed permanently, for the rest of the life, is the only way to handle celiac disease. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease, which means that the cells in the body do not communicate properly and set off an immune reaction that turns against the body’s own cells. In celiac disease, it is the small intestine that suffers, which results in improper absorption of nutrients.

Foods to avoid in celiac disease diet

If a person has been diagnosed with celiac disease, he or she should not eat foods that contain gluten. They should always make sure the food they eat is gluten-free and if the food is not made at home, it is very important to carefully read the label. Today every food package declares if the food contains gluten or not. Some of the foods to be avoided include processed foods, snacks, cereals, mayonnaise, soy sauce, mustard, cookies, cakes, pastries, bread, pasta, crackers, some kids of canned soups and sauces, chips, pretzels, most ice creams, foods made from wheat, barley and rye and many more.

As for the alcoholic beverages, beer and whisky should be avoided because they are made from grains which, of course, contain gluten. Tequila, wine, rum, cider, port, vermouth and similar drinks are allowed. As for the bourbon, it is made from grains but the gluten was removed from them before distillation so this drink is allowed.

Foods allowed in celiac disease diet

When a person is first diagnosed with celiac disease, he or she may easily fall into despair because it seems that there is little left to eat. This is absolutely not true and there are so much foods that are allowed and that can be enjoyed.

These foods include eggs, meat, cheese, butter, milk, fresh fruit and vegetables, jams, honey, marmalade, seeds, nuts, vegetable oils and more.

Furthermore, there are foods that would normally contain gluten but they have been processed in a way that makes them suitable for those who have celiac disease. There is, for example, gluten-free bread, gluten-free pasta, ice cream, crackers and many more.

There is no reason why a person who has celiac disease should not enjoy food like everyone else. It just takes some time, some imagination and a lot of patience.

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