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Gallbladder attack symptoms

The muscle which is located in the abdominal area or more precisely around it and under the liver is called gallbladder. This muscle is responsible for the release of bile juice into the intestine. Everybody will experience pain in the abdomen at least once in their lifetime and that pain may be the symptom of a gallbladder attack.

Gallbladder's function is to allow digestion and to store bile. Gallbladder is mere 8 cm long and is made of three parts. Fundus, body and neck are these parts. People tend to be unaware that their digestion problems originate from the gallbladder. A person should also know that any of the pain he or she experiences coming from this part of the abdomen may be a symptom of a gallbladder problem or some other organ.

Gallbladder attack symptoms

It is usually the pain directly underneath the right rib that is a clear sign of a gallbladder problem. However, the pain can occur in other places, for instance between a person's shoulder blades. One of the not so uncommon symptoms is a headache. If a person experiences nausea, gas, diarrhea or constipation it may also be because he or she suffers from gallbladder attack. Another good sign of this particular problem is the changed color of the stool. The stool color tends to become more lighter than it should be. Burping right after a meal may be another sign of a gallbladder attack. A person should make notice if he or she feels that their stomach is rather full after the burping. Gallbladder symptoms in women
The symptoms which occur before the gallbladder attack are pretty much the same in both men and women. However, women do experience them a lot more often than men. This is due to the hormones which women have and men do not. Estrogen and progesterone are those hormones. Among women, fewer is probably the symptom which occurs most of the time. Yellow skin as well. Women are also more prone to vomiting than men.

Gallbladder symptoms in pregnancy

These symptoms during pregnancy happen quite often and it is all because of the heighten bile production. The problem is that symptoms during pregnancy like vomiting and nausea happen to women even if they do not have a gallbladder attack. Pregnant women who do experience these symptoms should first talk to a doctor and he or she will prescribe the best treatment. That may include electrolyte balancing, non-fat diets and antibiotics.

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