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Gallbladder function

This organ, which is found near the liver and which looks like a small sac, also bears the name of cholecyst. There are three parts of the gallbladder and they are the neck, body and the fundus. The neck biliary tree is tapered with the help of the cystic duct, which connects with the hepatic duck and they together make the common bile duct. The gallbladder can hold approximately 50 ml of bile. This is not a vital organ and a person can get on with a normal life even without the gallbladder. But the fact is that this organ helps with the digestion and if it not present, there may be some problems. It is responsible for the concentration and storing of the bile, which is secreted by the liver and it is an essential digestive fluid. It also helps with the emulsion of the fats from the consumed food. The forming of the micelles is helped by the triglyceride droplets and phospholipids, due to their aggravation aided by the hydrophobic and hydrophilic sides of the bile salt anions. Digestion of the triglycerides is conducted by the pancreatic lipase enzyme, which also transforms the fats into micelles.

Abnormal Functioning

Several diseases can cause abnormal functioning of the gallbladder. There are some very serious problems that can occur, and they can occur due to the gallbladder lining infection, obstruction of the bile duct, sluggish bile flow, toxic bile production and others. The problems that these disease produce are excessive stool passages, nausea, chills, fever, pain felt in the right portion of the abdomen, as well as the strange fullness felt after the consumption of food. There are test that can help in diagnosing of this problem, which can cause very serious pain.


The gallbladder infection can be treated with the use of antibiotics, while the removal of the gallbladder is advised if the gallstones are present. The liver does a lot of work and some of the work by storing the bile from the bowel. If the gallbladder is not present, liver has to do a lot more work by secreting the bile every time a person eats. Also, bile can be affected due to this effect. We have mentioned that this is not a vital organ and there are other organs that can do the work that the gallbladder does, but as you have seen, this can lead to some problems.

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