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Tinea Corporis - Overview

Tinea corporis or ringworm is Dermatophytosis which commonly affects the arms and legs although the skin changes may also occur on different body parts including the neck, chest, scalp etc. This superficial fungal skin disease features with typically raised red rings with a central area of healing. It basically affects body parts which are exposed to moisture and may occur after minor skin and nail injuries. Tinea corporis predominantly affects people with weak immune system and those who tend to wear tight constrictive clothing. It is also common in athletes engaged in contact sports such as soccer, rugby or wrestling.

The appearance of skin changes may vary from a patient to patient. Apart from specific enlarged raised red rings with central area of healing, the skin changes seem to have elevated edges, they are scaly to touch and the skin around the rash is dry and flaky.

Treatment for Tinea Corporis

There are numerous remedies which can be used in case of tinea corporis. However, before trying any of these one is supposed to visit the doctor so that the exact diagnosis can be set. The doctor also needs to be consulted before one starts to use some of the available remedies.

Papaya has, for example, proven to be an excellent warrior against tinea corporis. Papaya is cut in slices and they are pressed onto the skin changes. Even a paste obtained from raw papaya seeds can be applied directly onto the skin patches. The symptoms may be also alleviated with butea seeds and lime juice. Basil leaves juice is another solution. A paste made of cassia leaves is also used topically. External usage of juice extracted from raw turmeric is highly effective in resolving of the infection. Diluted form of one teaspoon of turmeric juice and a glass of warm water may be taken orally together with honey. Topical application of calendula cream is another possible solution for tinea corporis.

One is also supposed to strengthen his/ her immune system with proper diet. Some patients are prescribed certain anti-fungal creams and these are effective only in mild cases. Unfortunately, fungal creams are not so effective in severe form of the infection. If large portions of skin are affected and the infection is serious one is prescribed oral medications. And finally, bacterial superinfection is treated with certain antibiotics.

The infection can be successfully eradicated after four weeks if one has used topical medications. There are several potential complications of tinea corporis and they include bacterial superinfection, different skin disorders such as pyoderma, spread of tinea corporis to other parts of the body, and there is also chance of side effects caused by prescribed medications.

To accelerate the healing one is supposed to cover the infected area with a sterile bandage if there is a contact with other people and stay away from swimming pools. Personal item such as towels, clothing etc. are not supposed to be shared and the patients should wear only thin, light and loose clothes.

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