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Characteristics of Frequent Urination at Night

There are certain people which sufferfrom a condition depicted in the title of this passage. Namely,frequent urination at night or nocturia may strike one for manydifferent reasons, some being more serious than other. Thereby,simply drinking too much beverages during the evening may cause youto wake up often during the night in order to urinate. However, thereare illnesses which can cause this condition as well. Nevertheless,you will be waking up frequently, going to the toilet or wanting tourinate. After this you might or might not urinate. Regardless, thefeeling of necessity will overwhelm you. Still, in order for thiscondition to affect one, he/she needs to urinate at least once duringthe night, although nocturia makes a person do this several times,seriously affecting sleep as well.

The elderly are usually considered arisk group for developing this phenomenon, even though youngerindividuals, regardless of their sex, can suffer from nocturia too.

Causes of Frequent Urination at Night

Taking diuretic medications commonly causes this problem. These drugs are supposed to reducefluid levels in the body by expelling them from it. Therefore, if youare on diuretics, you are likely to go to the bathroom during the night.

Another reason behind nocturia can befluid redistribution. Sometimes when we are lying down or staying inthe same position for a longer period of time, our blood streamreabsorbs fluids, distributing them over our body. This too can leadto a need for urination which can strike us during the night.

Sometimes, a person's bladder capacitymay decrease, making it capable of storing less fluid and being fullmore often, triggering your urge to urinate.

Other than these diabetes is known tocause frequent urination of this type, along with insomnia,hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and the restless leg syndrome.Additionally, caffeine and alcohol consumption add on to the list ofpossible causes, especially if consumed in the evening.

All in all, once you start sufferingfrom this condition, you should find the reason behind it andintroduce the necessary changes in order to restore your urinationpatterns to normal. This will require medical assistance so let thisbe your first step. Once examined, your doctor will prescribe you with thebest possible treatment which will help you overcome this urinationproblem and sleep a lot better, not being troubled by it anymore.

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