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Foot drop

When a person has the problem to lift the front part of the foot, then wesay that he/she has foot drop or drop foot. One of the most obvious signs ofthis disorder is dragging the foot while walking. One should know that this condition is not a disease, but rather a symptom ofsome neurological, muscular or anatomical problem. Foot drop can be temporary but also permanent. When it is permanent, theperson must wear foot drop brace on the ankle and foot in order to maintain thefoot in a normal position.

Types of foot drop braces

The braces for the foot drop can bedifferent. There are many types of the braces; some of them are standard but some of them may be custom made.

The most comfortable foot dropbraces are soft foot droop braces. They are made of the thin neoprene and theyhave an elastic strap that keeps the position of the foot. These foot dropbraces can be even worn when a person is bare feet. Furthermore, one more advantageis that they can be worn under sockets and strapped sandals.Another type of the foot drop bracesis short leg foot fixed braces. They can easily fit into the patient’s shoes. Whenthe person wears this type of the braces, he/she walk straight since the foot ismaintained at a 90º angle to the leg. Walking is very stiff since the braceis fixed with a hinge.Energy return brace is a type offoot drop braces that does not have a heel. Carbon graphite is the materialof which energy return braces are mainly made. The leg is supported by a verticalsupport that runs across the back of the brace. It is not heavy and thewalking is comfortable.Dorsiflexion assist brace helps ineasy dorsiflexion. It is the upward pointing movement of the foot. This brace hasa hinge that has the role to lift the foot off the ground effortlessly.When a knee pain occurs due to thefoot drop, the most recommended type of foot drop braces is posterior leafbrace. This brace is not heavy and can easily fit into the shoes. Furthermore,it can be trimmed or shaped in order to best fit to the patient.Solid ankle brace is usually used byparaplegic people who have undergone surgery and it is bulkier than the othertypes of foot drop braces that are mentioned above.

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