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There are almost no people in the world who have never sprained their ankle. Some people suffered more than others due to the physical activities and it is the athletes who suffer from most ankle sprains. People need to know that there is no one type of ankle sprain but several. There are some people who experience ankle sprains quite often even when they are not participating in any sport activity, running, jogging or even walking. Some people manage to sprain their ankle while they are standing still. According to the doctors, people with flat feet are more prone to ankle sprains than other people. Apart from the various types of ankle sprains, people should know that there are various grades of ankle sprains. It is important for people to get to know the types and grades in order to be able to treat them.

Types of ankle sprain

In almost all cases of ankle sprains, the injury occurs when a person twists the foot sideways all of a sudden. In most cases this happens when a person walks fast or jogs or runs. Walking on an uneven road can lead to ankle sprain but so can wearing heels. Doctors say that ankle sprain is the most common ankle injury all over the world. When a person twists the foot, the ligaments are stretched too far and then they partially or completely tear. When that happens, a person will experience pain and severe discomfort. People should know that there are three types of ankle sprains and these are inversion ankle sprain, eversion ankle sprain and high ankle sprain.

Out of these three, inversion ankle sprain occurs most often. When the sole of the foot turns inwards and the outer ligaments get stretched too far a person experiences this type of ankle sprain. Basketball players experience this type of ankle sprain most often.

On the other hand, eversion ankle sprain is rare. When the ankle moves the other way and the sole of the foot faces outwards this type of sprain occurs. In case of a fracture, the ankle rolls in medially and collapses. Gymnasts suffer from this sprain most often.

High ankle sprain occurs when the ligaments that support tibia and fibula get injured. This is the least common type of ankle sprain.

Grades of ankle sprain

There are three grades of ankle sprain that people may suffer from. If the sprain is a mild one and causes little swelling and pain, then it is a grade 1 sprain. In case of a partial tear of the ligament and significant amount of swelling around the ankle a person is suffering from a grade 2 sprain. This causes problems with walking and moderate pain.The third grade is the most severe. The ligament is entirely torn and a person experiences total loss of motion and severe pain.

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