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A person can experience a sharp pain in the foot and if this happens, a visit to the doctor's office is needed. We will talk about this problem and provide some information. A proper diagnose and treatment are something that a medical doctor can provide. We will see what the common causes of this issue are, so that you can have a vague idea on how serious the problem might be. Also, you may be able to avoid future causes of foot pain.

Causes of the pain in foot

There are three great factors that contribute to the creation of the sharp foot pain. Ill-fitting shoes is the first factor. In order to avoid this, never wear such shoes and always buy and wear shoes that fit well, even if they are more expensive. If you get shoes with high heels, the toes will suffer great pressure and this can lead to the sharp foot pain. Medical conditions can also take the blame for creating sharp foot pain. Walking can be impaired by a pain in the foot caused by a certain medical condition. Foot pain can be caused by conditions such as diabetes and foot or leg deformities. Also, sharp foot pain can be a result of neurological disorders, such as cerebral palsy and Parkinson’s disease, and spinal issues. The cause of the pain can also be the fact that you are pushing your body over the limit and exercise excessively. Remember that sharp foot pain requires immediate medical attention.
Foot pain can interfere with your weight carrying abilities and movement, so you can see how frustrating it can be. There are studies that say that a person, during the day, takes around 10 000 strides. Plantar fascia is a tough fibrous tissue that lines the foot's largest bone on the underside. The planter fascia can get inflamed and this condition is called plantar fasciitis, and it can cause sharp pain, felt especially during the morning. It can inflict pain in the bottom and in the front of the heel. The pain caused by this condition goes away while walking, but when you stop, it will return.
The plantar fascia can affect the surrounding body tissue and this is usually a result of bony projections called heel spurs. Often both, plantar fasciitis and heel spurs, cause the sharp foot pain. Detection of bone spurs is done with the help of x-rays, while the treatment involves surgery.

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