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Insulin Resistance

Medications are not always needed for the insulin resistance to be reversed and wewill tell you more about it in the following lines. Pancreas is responsible for theproduction of insulin, which filters the sugar out from the blood. Blood glucoselevels increase after eating and in this situation, the insulin is responsiblefor the glucose metabolism in the body cells. But cells can become moresensitive to the insulin and this will create the problems with the energyconversion. All of this leads to the increased sugar level in the blood becausethe insulin is not filtering the sugar and this will probably contribute to the development of type 2diabetes. This problem is called insulin resistance but it can be reversed.

Natural Reverse

Exercising and proper diet are the key to the successful reversal of the insulinresistance. Fiber is crucial for this process because it can prevent diabetesand reduce the insulin resistance. Eating cases the increase of the blood sugarlevels but this can be brought under control with the help of fiber, whichshould be eaten for breakfast preferably. The reversal also depends on thefoods that are rich with low glycemic legumes, such as soybeans, chickpeas,lentils and others. The sugar release into the bloodstream will be slowed downby these foods and that way the excessive release of insulin will be avoided, as well as many health issues that it can cause. The resistance can be brought down by fresh fruitssuch as sweet limes and oranges. The most effective are citrus fruits but rememberalso to include prominent colored vegetables, such as dark greenleafy and yellow vegetables because they are rich in antioxidants.Good fats are good for the human body and you can find omega-3 fatty acids inthe fish oil and fish. Proteins can be found in yogurt, eggs, peas and beansand remember to eat almond as well. The best combination for fighting theinsulin spikes is the one that consists of fiber and proteins. Insulin regulation can be donewith spices such as black pepper, turmeric and cinnamon. Know that you willhave to include exercise plan as well, because diet is not enough on its own.There are foods that have to be avoided and processed food is one of them. Try to avoid processed oils like corn, sunflower, peanut, canola and safflower, as well as items such as canned juices, cannedfood and similar. By reducing the intake of processed cheese, doughnuts,cookies, candies, cakes and chips you will be healthier and you reduce your bodyweight. All of this is associated with resistance of insulin. Also, do notdrink alcohol and reduce the intake of carbohydrates since this is veryimportant. You have seen how you can reverse the insulin resistance naturally, so eat and exercise right and the results will appear. By doing this youwill avoid many problems in the future.

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