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First month pregnancy symptoms

During the first month of pregnancy, women experience a lot of pain but they also feel very excited and surprised as well. Lots of women agree that ginger tea is one of the best cures for morning sickness.

First month pregnancy symptoms are unique

Like with most symptoms, symptoms of a pregnancy in the first month may differ from woman to woman. It is a good thing if a woman prepares herself by reading some books on the matter but she can not know what exactly is going to happen to her.

Some factors that may influence the first month of symptoms

There are several factors which can make a difference. For instance, a mother or sister may be helpful with the experiences they had with their pregnancies. Of course, if this is a second pregnancy for the woman, she knows the symptoms from the first one. General health and shape can determine the symptoms as well. Stress level is always a factor that influences the person a lot. In the end, it is a huge difference if a woman is carrying a single baby or multiples.

Types of symptoms a woman may experience in the first month

There are some symptoms that have become usual in every pregnancy. If a woman does not want them to go on for a long period of time, there are some things she can do to prevent them. An important part of this process is the visit and the talk with the doctor because he or she can give advice on what to do and what not to do.

Nausea – the dreaded morning sickness

Lots of women experience this inconvenience but there are some that avoid this altogether. When a woman's blood sugar level is low and she feels nauseous it is usually a clear sign of morning sickness. In most cases the low blood sugar level has the greatest effect when a person's stomach is empty. Since that is usually in the morning, that is where the expression “morning sickness” came from. However, it is not only in the morning a woman may feel sick and it is not only the low blood sugar levels that cause it. Greasy food smells, cigarette smoke and tiredness may cause nausea as well. A good thing any woman can do to avoid this is to have small snacks throughout the day in order to maintain a normal blood sugar level.

Extreme tiredness

When a woman is tired her body works extra hard which leads to her being tired all the time. A good thing a woman can do is to make sure to eat well and do proper exercises for pregnant women.

Breast changes

During the first month of pregnancy almost all women experience some changes with their breasts. Soreness and pain are the most common symptoms of these changes but they do not stick for long.

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