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Background and Facts

Both of the conditions in question – pain in the finger and numbness in the finger, are considered to be indicators of the RSI (i.e. Repetitive Stress Injury), and are also in many cases directly related to the CTS (i.e. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome). In case, a person becomes overwhelmed by a sudden sensation of numbness in his/her fingers, as well as finger pain and numbness in the hands, the person in question ought to take immediate precautionary measures to, first relieve, and then “remedy” these conditions, thus preventing them from developing into the above mentioned more severe conditions, mostly chronic in nature.

Astonishing Discoveries

To great many people this may come as an even greater surprise, but even such, seemingly simple and unstraining actions like typing on a computer keyboard, or subtle finger movements while playing an instrument bear in them a perilous potential to cause more severe damage to the hand itself. The reason behind this is that this numbness, tingling and even pain sensation are a direct consequence of thousands and even tens of thousands of repeated motions. All this, if present for quite some time, has the potential to cause wear and tear and thus bring about the occurrence of such conditions as the CTS or RSI. People who are experiencing problems due to the presence of the chronic RSI may be in a more difficult position, since this condition is more resilient to the conventional treatment techniques and medications such as ibuprofen, cortisone injections and Carpal Tunnel Surgery. Also when it comes to injuries due to repetitive straining, unfortunately, symptoms tend to be “repetitive” as well, i.e. recurrent. Therefore, it is vital to discover a specific natural therapy in due time, in order for manifestations to be alleviated in a non-invasive manner.

Carpal Solution Therapy

This particular type of treatment method is considered to have a number of direct benefits when it comes to people who are suffering from the chronic RSI. Its main tool – wrist brace, is not only characterized by its soft, flexible and easy-to-apply convenient properties, but is also hypoallergenic in nature. In addition, the clinical trials have shown that it is extremely beneficial and result yielding with over 95% of success rate. Likewise, numerous recent research studies have proven that even those people who have been suffering from RSI for quite some time have experienced enormous benefits and their condition has been improved to a great extent only six weeks after employing the Carpal Solution for the first time.

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