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Figures that cause serious concern

Asreferred to in the title itself, the facts and figures related todiabetes are not something to be joyous about. Namely, according tothe latest results, a staggering number of 23.6 million people onthe American soil suffer from the ailment in question. In addition,and maybe even more concerning is the fact that as much as 57 millionpeople are actually affected by prediabetes, which ultimately leadsto the development of full fledged diabetes itself.

Andthis is, unfortunately, not the end of our troubles. Namely, peoplewho already suffer from diabetes are also known to be exposed to ahigher risk of being further affected by a number of other extremelysevere illnesses and conditions such as heart attacks, strokes andregarded as extremely undesirable – complete loss of vision, i.e.blindness. Other conditions springing from diabetes, such asdiabetic neuropathy, are known to be the main inducers of extremelysevere pain sensations without the person suffering any previousinjury, as well as numbness, which has the tendency to heavily affectthe person's feet and also lower legs. Any wounds that may be presentwill, in people suffering from diabetes, be made only more unbearablesince they will not heal as fast as they should and would in a personwho does not suffer from diabetes. One of the reasons for this isimproper circulation to the person's feet.

Dueto numbness and extended healing time, in case wounds appear,especially on the lower part of the person's legs, feet included,there is an increased risk of coming down with a serious infectionand gangrene, which can even ultimately lead to amputation.

Howto make one's recovery better and more rapid?

Giventhe nature of the condition, each person ought to be aware thatbringing it under control is not something that is done over night,but it takes quite a lot of time, patience and most of all, effort.

Regardedas the first and foremost step is diet.One needs to pay more attention to the size of his/her meals, as wellas to the food varieties that one finds on his/her plate. As it turns out, these represent extremely important factors which, once properlyprocessed and brought in order, can even win one great part of thebattle for the person suffering from diabetes. Food varieties tosteer clear are primarily those comfort foods. Also, one should stickto six small meals instead of three large ones. Exercise is anotherimportant factor that can aid a person bring this ailment undercontrol. One of effective programs to achieve this is known under thename of 10.000 steps a day. All one has to do is step up and stepdown on diabetes with zeal.

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