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Annoying, but Healthy

If you happen to have a friend who is prone to fidgeting most of the time, then you know how annoying this can be. Namely, no one likes a person running around the room, playing with his/her fingers, squirming or moving at all times, while you are trying to lead a normal conversation.

However, you should think about doing the same yourself, since fidgeting has been proven to be more than healthy for your body weight, making you lose up to 20 pounds on a yearly basis, without doing sports, eating healthy, or anything of that kind.

Therefore, be annoying yourself, fidget as much as you can, since this is a method of easy and healthy exercise. Many people believe that metabolism has something to do with people who are slim and fit even though they do not exercise at all and do not pay attention to their nutrition. Even though this might be the factor as well, pay close attention to fidgeting, because people prone to it are likely to be slim and healthythemselves.

Fidget Your Pounds off

Amazingly, researches have shown that, even if you are obese, by introducing fidgeting into your daily routine, constantly indulging into it, you can achieve incredible results, losing weight as if you are following some kind of a moderate calorie-burning exercise routine.

Following are the fidgeting instructions for weight loss. Thus, make sure you check them out and benefit from their healthy effects on your body figure.

Every time you are watching the TV, when the commercials are on, jump out of your seat and run around a bit, stretch, hop around or do something similar. Additionally, whenever you can, play with both your fingers and your toes, moving them around quickly, keeping them active at all times.

Another excellent method of fidgeting is tapping your feet in the air. Play some relaxing music with slow rhythms and follow the beats by dancing and tapping your feet. This does wonders for blood circulation in your legs.

Each time we are spending time at home, we should stay active. Have toys like some balls you can bounce of the wall and catch, do some interesting chores which will make you occupied and active and walk around every time you talk on thetelephone.

Moreover, simple deep breathing can cause weight loss. Thus, bear this in mind and make sure you dedicate your relaxation time to deep breathing as well.

Finally, posture is crucial. While you are sitting, keep your back straight, your chin high and your upper body erected, avoiding slouching at all costs.

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