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Couples who need the help of modern medicine to get pregnant are of course interested in finding the best possible fertility clinic to treat them. If you are in the United States and need any fertility treatment, how do you know what clinic is best? There are many lists, including statistics, available on the internet from reputable and dubious sources alike. But what do you need to know about fertility clinic success rates?

When you look "Best IVF clinics in the United States" up on the internet, you will be presented with long lists of actual clinics that give you success rates. The most important thing to keep in mind when you are researching the best fertility clinics is that one size does not fit all when it comes to fertility clinics. A clinic that has excellent success rates for IVF treatment in patients under 35 is not necessarily the best option for you if you are over 35, or undergoing ICSI, for example. Looking at lists of reputable and even world-renowned US fertility clinics can certainly be helpful. Studying such lists (including our own 10 best fertility centers in US) can provide you with valuable insights, and tell you which clinics have great doctors or high success rates for certain procedures. But the best fertility clinic for someone else might not be the best clinic for you.

Factors that come into play when you are deciding what clinic is the right match for you can include success rates for the exact procedure you will undergo, the costs (including insurance coverage, or money-back programs), the location, and the atmosphere at the fertility clinic. Statistics do matter, but choosing a fertility clinic is a highly individual procedure that requires much more than just looking at success rates or reputation. If you are looking for pointers to help you make the decision, our article on how to choose a fertility clinic might be useful to you.

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