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Choosing a fertility clinic is a difficult process that is often accompanied by confusion and insecurity. We all want the best, and would rather end up with the Ferrari of fertility clinics than with the Lada, don't we? If you live in Europe, how should you go about deciding which fertility clinic to go with? Should you look for clinics in your own country, or look further afield? Which are the best fertility clinics in Europe? Should the cost of the procedure you need enter into the decision-making process at all? Above all, choosing a fertility clinic is a personal journey.

The factors that are important to us differ from family to family. But in short, the country in which you are treated does matter. Look at IVF, one of the most well-known fertility interventions. If you are receiving treatment in a British fertility clinic, you are less likely to achieve success (get pregnant and have a baby) than in many other European countries. That is right British fertility clinics produce fewer IVF babies than other West European fertility clinics. Looking at the statistics, Belgium is the country that is most likely to bless you with a baby if you are undergoing IVF. Over 40 percent of women who undergo invitro fertilization get pregnant, which is pretty good going! All other countries rate somewhere in between.

Eastern European countries, including the Ukraine (also well known for its international surrogate tourism) , and Slovenia (which joined the European Union relatively recently) have higher success rates than the United Kingdom. In conclusion, those who are hoping to get pregnant through IVF, mini-IVF, Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) or other assisted fertility methods might just be more successful if they take their business abroad. If you are paying for your own fertility treatment and do not receive insurance coverage, you might even end up paying less for your fertility procedures. In this case, doing your research pays off! Success rates also depend on many other things, and those who are older than 40 might like to read our article about the best fertility clinics for women over 40.

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