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One of the startingpoints for the most successful treatment of this unwanted problem is discovering what could be at the bottom of this condition, as well as informing as much aspossible on the nature of these causes and the so far discovered ways andmethods of dealing with them with result.


Though it may sound alittle bit improbable to some, it is nevertheless a fact that among both, menand women, there can be found enzymes known as the 5-alpha reductase, which areheld responsible for bringing about the change of testosterone into quitedifferent hormone derivative, i.e. into dihydrotestosterone, or for short DHT. Oncethe DHT comes into existence, it has the strong tendency to stick firmly to thefollicles of the person’s hair, and on those located on the top of the head tobe even more precise. As a direct consequence of this activity from this pointon, the follicles progressively diminish in size, as each of the growth cyclescomes to an end. In addition, thinning also occurs to the point follicles completelylose their purpose and become rather dysfunctional, causing the stop in hairgrowth. When it comes towomen, another common culprit for the loss of hair is the improper andinsufficient intake of specific nutrients, as well as excessive stress andvarious different physical and psychological problems.

One step at a time

Regarded as a quitegood way to start the hair loss treatment, is the introduction of the primarymedications. One of such is Minoxidil andit has been discovered, and validated, that this reverses the loss of hair in women and is, moreover, givena green light as safe in both, the United Kingdom and the United States ofAmerica. What Minoxidil is extremely good at is enhancing the blood flow tothe area that it has previously been applied to. This, on the other hand, alsocauses the increase in the amount of nutrients essential for hair follicles,thus stopping them from diminishing in size. The final outcome is stopping hair loss completely in women, in thegreatest majority of cases.

Next step would be todisable DHT from getting even remotely close to the hairfollicles. This can be, to a great extent, achieved by employing Medroxyprogesterone and/or Azelaic Acid. Yet another line ofdefense comes in the form of “boosters” such as the LaserComb – gadget tailored for the scalp, and base on theprinciple of combing the hair (duration 10-20 minutes) at least 3 times in thecourse of the day.

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