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Is your child clinging to you as you attempt to leave her at preschool? Does she beg you to stay with her, or take her home? You may want to start crying yourself, while wondering how you can reduce that separation anxiety in children and help your kid feel confident and happy at the start of the day.

1. Let your child express his feelings The psychologist at the preschool my kids briefly attended made sure to tell me to talk them into being excited about going there. That didn't work. What my kids really needed was the chance to talk about what they didn't like about the daycare, and why they felt sad about me leaving them in there. Once they had their chance to wine and have their feelings acknowledge and taken seriously they felt more confident, and I could leave them without a temper tantrum. Giving your child a chance to tell you about their day also means you will pick up on any problems she could have there.

2. Have a babysitter or grandparent drop your child off Sometimes, preschoolers who have a hard time letting mom leave feel better when another caregiver, like a babysitter or grandma, drops them off. That way, your child may get to focus more on enjoying time with peers, and less on losing time with mom.

3. Talk about what you will be doing Make sure your preschooler knows you will be coming back in a short while, and tell him about what you will be doing while he is at the preschool. Give him a clear idea of when you will be returning, like after lunch or as soon as you finish your job. Some kids feel better if they know you are doing something really boring while they are enjoying themselves, and that they will have a mom free to be with them after preschool, rather than a stressed mommy running errands together with a kid.

4. Give her time to adjust Gradually build up the time your child spends at a daycare or preschool, rather than leaving her for hours on end, suddenly. Stay with your child the first few times, if you can.

5. Let him know he can get in touch Let him know that he can call you if there is an emergency or he really misses you. And then ensure that this is practically feasible with the staff, too.

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