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Many mothers expect doctors to support them and their breastfeeding preference, knowing that this is one of the best sources of proper nutrition for their babies. Yet, this is not always the case and older generations of doctors may not be that supportive when it comes to breastfeeding.

Generational Gap

Namely, the importance of breastfeeding was widely noticed and accepted during the 1970s. Thus, generations of doctors who were educated before this period, have not got necessary knowledge about the necessity of breastfeeding and the healthy nature of this process. On the other hand, younger generations of doctors are bound to be more aware of the subject, knowing all about lactation stations and being adequate providers of professional support regarding the matter.

Nevertheless, there is still work to be done because there are many contemporary doctors who lack the necessary knowledge about breastfeeding. All physicians should be properly educated about breastfeeding and should be capable of providing exhaustive support. Moreover, you should avoid doctors and health experts who do not recommend breastfeeding.

Find a Good Doctor

Lactation consultants in your area should be capable of recommending you adequate doctors who will meet your requirements and have a proper say regarding your breastfeeding. If you do not have this kind of insight, simply ask your doctor to tell you whether he/she is for or against breastfeeding, taking your next step from there. Ask a number of questions which have everything to do with breastfeeding, using the bottle and the pacifier etc. This way, you will see whether your doctor is experienced in the subject or not.

A good doctor will never recommend using the bottle or supplements as the only solution of your breastfeeding problems. “Just keep trying” is also not an adequate manifestation of supportive spirit. Thus, seek a doctor who will inquire more and try to help with all the knowledge he/she has. Remember that a good doctor will always ask about your breastfeeding and will try to solve your problems so that you can breastfeed again, without ever advising you to stop before the time is right.

Alternative Sources of Information and Support

Aside from finding a good doctor, you need to know everything about breastfeeding yourself. The Internet is full of great resources on the matter. Thus, do not hesitate to provide yourself proper enlightenment. Alternatively, you can use books like “The Nursing Mother's Companion” by Kathleen Huggins.

Obtain numbers of lactation specialists or consultants and do not hesitate to call them once you encounter difficulties or have any questions. Family members or friends who have walked in your shoes before can provide a great deal of information too.

One of many great methods of acquiring necessary knowledge about breastfeed is also attending prenatal breastfeeding preparation classes.

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