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Characteristics of Hemophilia

Hemophilia is a genetically transferred condition manifesting through one's inability to have his/her blood clotted once an injury occurs. Naturally, this can make a person's life significantly harder, since people with hemophilia have to take good care of themselves because even the slightest scratch on the skin surface may lead to severe bleeding and serious consequences. There are many people suffering from this condition, however, they can still live their lives with hemophilia like normal people do, just being a bit more cautious during the course of their existence. There are many famous people who have lived with this disorder, earning their name in human history, regardless of this drawback. If you are interested in which people these are, read on.

Famous People with Hemophilia

First of all, there was Tsarvich Alexei, son of Nicholas II, the former tzar of Russia. He inherited the gene from his mother, but was still to inherit the throne nevertheless. He was well guarded and there were rumors that the great Rasputin himself was planning on treating Alexei's problem. Unfortunately, the whole family, along with the young man, were killed during the Russian Revolution.

Next is the Prince Leopold, the Duke of Albany. He lead a very secluded and guarded life, due to the fact that he was suffering from this delicate condition. Still, he died when he slipped and fell at a Yacht Club in France.

Ryan Wayne White is a name from the recent past, connected to bravery, perseverance and hemophilia. This young man was suffering from this disease during the 80s, and since he was a baby got countless blood transfusions. Unfortunately, during one of these, he contracted AIDS, because of which the school authorities wanted to expel him from the school he was going in. However, this brave young lad stood up to their conservative and low-witted ways, taking the whole matter to court, winning the case and triggering a creation of an act against prejudice of this type.

These are just some of the people who lived with this disorder and still left a prominent mark in our history. Therefore, hemophilia is nothing to be feared. Rather, one should give his/her best to lead a normal life, being realistic about his/her own capabilities and careful not to cause any injuries.

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