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Dyslexia is a learning disability, which manifests through people's incapability to read or spell correctly and easily. Interestingly, even up to 17% of US population are affected by this disability. However, even though you might think how this condition can stand in the way of your happiness, think again. Many famous people of today are dyslexic. Nevertheless, they manage to do wonders and live lives which are creative and productive, enjoying every second. Thus, in order to motivate you, this article will list famous people who have managed living with dyslexia perfectly.

Famous Dyslexics

When you mention dyslexia in the world of Hollywood, most people are immediately going to tell you the story about Tom Cruise. Namely, while still a boy, Tom was diagnosed with this disorder. He performed badly in school and had numerous difficulties reading and studying. Regardless, his father and his peers had no tolerance for his problem. On the contrary, he was bullied in school as well as at home. Still, he managed to overcome all these difficulties and become a successful actor starring in movies as epic as “Top Gun” and “Mission Impossible”. What is more, he is still very popular today.

Another person you would never connect with dyslexia is Orlando Bloom, the handsome Will Turner from the “Pirates of the Carribean”. Glowing with intelligence, Orlando has a history of battling against dyslexia. When he was a child, he was showing signs of this disorder. Regardless, he managed to finish the King's School and St. Edmund's School in Canterbury, earning a scholarship for British American Drama Academy, even graduating from Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Therefore, our dyslexic, but majestic Legolas from “The Lord of the Rings”, never let this disability stop him from successding in life.

Speaking of popular entrepreneurs, we must not fail to mentions Richard Branson. Popular and well-known, this person also suffers from dyslexia. Even though he had difficulties during his academic studies, he compensated for this lack of skills by being quite a people person. Moreover, his skills in this field made him a billionaire, owning over 360 companies.

There are more famous people with dyslexia throughout history. Perhaps one of the most talented minds of the artistic world, as well as science, Leonardo Da Vinci, who was a painter, sculptor, musician, engineer, scientist and a man of many other skills and levels of knowledge, was also dyslexic. His ever-mysterious master-piece, the Mona Lisa, remains as a monument of his divine creativity and skill, denying all the limitations of dyslexia.

Other Famous People with Dyslexia

The above mentioned are just some of many who managed to become famous regardless of this condition. Erin Brokovich, Cher, Thomas Edison, Whoopi Goldberg, Anthony Hopkins, Keanu Reeves, Ozzy Osbourne and many other celebrities have managed to overcome their dyslexia problems and earn their righteous place among the stars.

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