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Whenit comes to such conditions as anxiety attacks, panic attacks, aswell as agoraphobia, little or no evident progress and improvementcan be made without paying most proper attention to the diet anddietary habits of the person in question. Moreover, a great number ofexperts is convinced that once the diet and dietary habits areaddressed in the manner most proper, the cure will come about on itsown practically. But, given the nature of all the above mentionedconditions, diet is unfortunately not the only thing that may affectthe entire treatment process, but quite important role is also playedby such factors as the person's personality, proper comprehension ofthe general adaptation syndrome, most effective techniques of copingwith disappointment, as well as comprehension of the discrepanciesthat distinguish observation and conclusion.

Dietand dietary habits have been deemed as the grounds for improvement.If such a basis is absent, then scarce improvement should be expectedat all. In addition to this, the diet regime which is based on suchfood varieties as bagels, rolls, cakes, breads, soda and coffeepresents the most serious and least desired mistake one should make.The reason for this is that refined sugars, which abound in theaforementioned food varieties, get broken down to blood sugar quiteeasily. This, on the other hand, is known to be one of the maininducers of a steep and sudden increase in the blood sugar levels,amounting to as much as 50 calories per one minute. Even though thismay not pose such a serious threat to one's life for quite sometime to come, people should be aware that this is just a time bombwaiting to explode. And such implications are actually the ones that people should be concerned about. The sudden increase in the levelsof sugar in the blood is spotted immediately by the pancreas. Directresponse involves the production of insulin for the purpose ofbringing the blood sugar levels under control, in normalcircumstances that is. But if this occurs all to often in the yearsto come, then the insulin deposits may also turn into quite a serioushealth hazard, for it brings about the decrease of sugar levels wellbelow the desired mark, ultimately leading up to the occurrence of anillness known as hypoglycemia.

Thus, one's diet represents the firstand most important stop to complete curing. The food varieties thatshould be excluded from the daily diet plan are white bread, whitebagels as well as rolls, cakes, white potatoes, white processedrice, and white sugar. On the other hand, a person must increase inquantity such food varieties as nuts, meats, eggs, non-processedcheese, vegetables and whole grain bread varieties.

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