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A Genetic Disorder

Albinism is a genetic disorder whichresults in lack of pigmentation in one's eyes, skin and hair. Allthree aspects can be present, or some of the combinations orindividual occurrences. All in all, in order for a person to havealbinism, both of his/her parents need to have the faulty gene.Sometimes, this gene may result in lack of both skin, hair and eyepigmentation. More rarely, albinism expresses upon ones eyes solely.Apart from causing this discoloration, albinism makes one more proneto health problems. Namely, lack of skin pigmentation makes it moreprone to sun damage. Thus, people with albinism should be verycareful and protect themselves well every time they are to encountersun rays. They might experience sunburn or skin cancer more easilythan other people and, thereby, they need to protect themselvesbetter. As for the lack of eye pigmentation, this might result in anincrease in eye sensitivity to light. Also, one's vision may getdamaged or decreased more easily if he or she is suffering fromalbinism. Men are more prone to albinism than women are.

Additional Facts about Albinism

First of all, many people areinterested in frequency of albinism in human population. Thiscondition is quite rare and only one person in seventeen thousandpeople is likely to have it. As for eye problems mentionedabove, they are treated by contact lenses or special spectaclescontaining lenses which are modified so as to protect eyes affectedby albinism. Nevertheless, some people with this condition have better eyesight than people without it. Therefore, they may or maynot be able to drive, depending on the eyesight of each individualseparately. Even though albinism is untreatable, some of itssymptoms, like the common misalignment of one's eyes is.

As for support and help, people withalbinism may turn to numerous health organizations directed to allwho share this problem. There, all of them can get the necessaryinformation, and consult with other people who have the samecondition as they do.

Finally, there are various books aboutalbinism, both in kids and in grown ups. Therefore, you might choosethese to be your sources of information. All in all, albinism may betough on someone, causing many skin problems and a complete loss ofsight. At the same time, however, it might have no effect on a personand his/her well being. Therefore, this condition can have variousmanifestations and each of these is a unique one.

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