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Dealing with the eye problems is truly essential because visionis the sense we need the most. Correcting the eye conditions therefore, must beefficient and allow us to have a normal eye vision. Two most common conditionsassociated with eyes are myopia and hyperopia. Those are short sight and farsight. In the first case, people see properly only in close range, while in theother case, close range area is blurred, but the further area is clear. Theseare conditions that can be treated with laser eye surgery, contact lenses andeyeglasses.


Eyeglasses are still the most common tools when it comes todealing with both of the mentioned conditions. Laser eye surgery is the latestand it is something that should be commonly performed. But it is not the case,because there are people who cannot afford it and also those who are simplyafraid of the laser pointed in the eye. Also, there are those who, because ofsome other conditions, cannot undergo the surgery. As for lenses, they areelegant way of dealing with the eye condition problems. Some people simplydislike wearing eyeglasses because of the esthetics and that is where lensescome in. Also, there are some benefits lenses offer. First of all, the clearlyvisible area with lenses is the same as in people with normal eyesight. This isbecause the surface of the lenses is put directly on the eyeball, there is nospace between. With glasses, clear area is only that which is seen through theglasses that are positioned at some small distance away from the eyes. Thereis also this feeling of being able to move head freely without the fear of anydamage that might happen to the glasses.


Even though lenses offer a good solution for people witheyesight issues, there are some things people have to be careful about. Lensesare put in and taken out with hands. This means that the hygiene of the handshas to be at the highest possible level, which is often not the case. Accumulateddirt, proteins and bacteria might cause some infections, with conjunctivitis beingthe most common one. There is also a contact lenses and dry eyes connection.Watery eyes are the problem only in the beginning of wearing lenses. After awhile, person gets used to lenses, there is no discomfort and water eyes slowlyturn to dry eyes. Dryness is even more emphasized because there is no directcontact between the air and the eyeball, lens is preventing that. Even though lenses are an excellent choice for those who haveto deal with some eye condition, caution has to be present. Always.

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