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Many people who have problems with their sight turn to prescription glasses for help. Some feel that the glasses are too troublesome and annoying, so they wear contact lenses in their eyes instead.

However, another option is laser surgery, which can fix eyesight and let people forget about carrying around their glasses or taking their contact lenses out every night and putting them back into their eyes in the morning.

Many people are now turning to laser correction to not only help with their eyes, but to also increase confidence and have higher self-esteem as well.

There are many advantages to this procedure, for example, people who had to worry about their glasses or contacts while playing sports no longer have to fret. Not only are the aesthetic advantages great, but also a lot of people say that once they undergo the operation, their vision is better than it has ever been.

Laser eye surgery is available to almost everyone; there are very little exclusions.

The surgery has also become increasingly affordable, and there are even deals for paying with 0 percent finance for a period of two years, which helps many people manage the cost.

Also, if a person tallies up all the money that they have spent on glasses, contact lenses, prescriptions and eye tests over the years, laser surgery will probably turn out to be a tremendous investment and money-saver in the long run.

The procedure is, of course, considered safe by all medical governing bodies and the surgeon performing the surgery is usually expertly trained to do so, and since it is such a popular procedure, the patient will probably have many doctors to choose from in their area.

Taking this into consideration, it is of course wise to do some research and see who the best doctors in the area are and how the price ranges differ from doctor to doctor.

The operation is very quick and painless. An anesthetic eye drop will be administered in order to numb the eyes.

Of course, the main benefits are improved vision, not having to wear glasses or contacts, easier driving, no irritation from contacts or clouding of glasses in humid or other nasty weather conditions, and sometimes even improved social lives and career prospects.

The surgery is possible for almost all kinds of prescriptions. Whether the person is shortsighted or nearsighted, has an astigmatism or presbyopia, laser surgery can help restore perfect or at least near-perfect vision.

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