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Contact lenses are one of the solutions available for people who have problems with their vision. They are often used instead of glasses, but there are also contacts that only serve a decorative purpose, for example colored contacts or contacts with patterns on them.

Two basic types of contact lenses are hard and soft contact lenses. Hard or rigid lenses are the older type and today they are less popular than soft ones. Rigid gas permeable lenses are more comfortable than conventional hard lenses because they allow oxygen to reach the eye, which makes them suitable for occasional overnight wear.

Soft lenses are much more popular. They too come in several varieties, the basic ones being daily wear lenses, extended wear lenses and disposable lenses.

Daily wear contacts

Daily wear contact lenses are probably the most popular and most widely used type of lenses today. They are easy to clean and to reinsert after removing them at night. There are also types of daily lenses that can be discarded, and those are ideal for traveling and similar situations.

Daily wear contacts are made of hydrophilic polymer plastic materials that are very light and gel-like. They can be very light, depending on how much water they contain. Of course, some people need thicker lenses but they too are very satisfied with how light these lenses feel.

This type of contact lenses allows oxygen to reach the eye, which is very important. This makes them easy to adjust to.

Problems regarding daily wear contacts

Just like other types of contact lenses, daily wear contacts do have some downsides. They last shorter than other lenses, they are not suitable for certain eye conditions and they are unable to correct some of the problems with sight. In addition, they are more expensive.

Daily wear contacts are not a good choice for those who are not ready or able to take proper care of them. If the lenses are not cleaned and stored properly, they can actually cause quite a few problems. Infection is a number one complication resulting from improper handling and care of the lenses.

Contact lenses are not the best solution for people who have dry eye syndrome or problems with cornea. For them, lenses can be very irritating and uncomfortable, and chronic irritation can actually lead to even more serious problems.

Some of the problems associated with the use of daily wear contact lenses are dry eyes, swelling and clouded vision due to lack of oxygen, especially if the lenses are worn for too long, allergic reactions to solutions used for cleaning and storing lenses, dust and dirt particles on the surface of the lenses, which can lead to infections, eye inflammation and eyelid inflammation.

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