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Contact lenses are much better than wearing glasses since these are practically invisible, offering the same vision correction effects. However, in order to benefit from contact lenses to the fullest, you need to know how to take good care of these items, cleaning them regularly and wearing them properly. Thus, the following lines will explain all this, along with techniques of preservation of the life of your current contact lenses.How to Take Good Care of Your Contact Lenses

First of all, you should keep the lenses clean by washing your hands with warm water and soap each time before you handle the lenses or touch your eyes. However, make sure you wash away all the residue from soap or other chemicals thoroughly and pat the skin on the hands dry with a clean towel.

You will usually receive contact lenses with instruction manuals. Use them properly, by following all the pieces of advice given. Moreover, your doctor will prescribe the correct type of contact lenses for your purposes. Do not ever wear types of lenses which are not appropriate for your eyes.

Contact lenses, once removed, need to be stored in a sterile solution. Thus, never leave them laying around, but, rather, keep them safe. Do not moisturize your lenses by putting them inside your mouth or washing them with plain water. This way, you can contaminate the lenses with bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, possibly transferring the infection onto the eyes.

As far as cleaning your contact lens is considered, you can do this by rubbing it with the tips of your fingers. Note that newer versions of contact lenses do not even need to be rubbed after being washed. If you happen to develop an eye infection, or some form of eye irritation, remove the lenses and do not use them before you have consulted your doctor. Also, never wear other people's lenses.

Other Means of Keeping Your Contact Lenses Clean and Safe

Wearing contact lenses may make your eyes more susceptible to UV sun ray damage. Thus, whenever you can, wear sunglasses during sunny days. Never sleep with your contact lenses since this will result in dry eyes and the lenses sticking onto your eyes' surface. If you happen to forget to remove the lenses before falling asleep, make sure you apply eye drops before removing them in the morning.

Once you are wearing contact lenses, make sure you schedule additional, annual appointments with your doctor, seeing whether the type of the lenses you are wearing needs to be changed. Finally, put the contact lenses on by putting them on the top of your index finger so that they resemble a cup and, while wearing the lenses, do not touch anything with them and do not expose them to foreign objects.

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