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An Uncomfortable State of Affairs

Suffering from bunions involves having swollen and deformed toes and some parts of your foot. This condition is uncomfortable and painful. Moreover, its treatment often requires surgery after which there is a danger of scaring, mobility reduction and many other problems. After the bunion surgery, you are advised to rest as much as possible for the first two weeks, keeping the recovering toe elevated while lying in bed. However, after this critical period you are highly advised do perform specific exercises, physically activating your toe in question and thereby increasing its mobility, while, at the same time reducing any possibilities of complications.

RecommendedPost-Bunion Surgery Exercises

During the period between the 3rd and 4th week of your bunion surgery recovery, you are advised to do the following. For starters, take it easy by holding your toe by the area below the nail. Upon doing this, move it upwards until you start feeling mild pain and discomfort. Then, keep it in such a position for approximately 10 seconds. After doing this correctly, change the direction and move the finger downwards, waiting for the same time upon reaching the bearable limit. You may do this up to 3 times a day, making it a first exercise in your toe workout program.

In the onset of the 5th week, all the way until the end of the 6th, you are to introduce 3 more repetitions of the above mentioned exercise daily. Also, do not be afraid to flex the finger more each time you exercise, provided you do not feel pain during the process.

At the beginning of the 7th week, you are to be able to start walking while using your problematic toe as well. However, before you start, stand up and lean your foot in such a way that you provide Flexing to the toe, of course, stopping once you feel uncomfortable. Upon reaching the limit, hold it for 10 seconds. Do this for several days and, after feeling strong enough, start using your toe while walking, climbing the stairs and performing other advanced motions with it.

After achieving this, there is one more exercise you can perform. Grab your troubling foot with one hand, holding its upper part so that your thumb is resting on the big toe and your fingers are on its upper joints. Then, grab the toe with your other hand and pull it out gently, holding it that way for 10 seconds. After doing this, push it inwards in the same manner, waiting for 10 seconds once you reach the maximum in this position. Finally, keep your feet clean and seek medical assistance in any cases of persistent pain or discomfort.

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