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Bunion is a kind of bump at the base of a big toe. Foot bones are connected by tendons and ligaments which provide the basis for the stability of bones. Some injuries or inadequate shoes make these bones and ligaments more flexible and likely to move resulting in an unstable foot. In such manner, the joint around the bones swell and enlarge and a bone can protrude and move towards the outside causing abnormality, often seen in women. The tendons are off their place affecting the bones and the whole foot deforms. Bunion is sticking out making the big toe move towards the other toes. The bunion can be painful, red with the irritated skin around it. Once formed the bunion provokes many problems while walking or wearing some of the shoes. Gradually, bunion becomes bigger and more noticeable and can deform the whole foot. Consequently the deformed foot affects the spine, so people often feel backaches.

Women are more likely to develop such abnormality mainly due to the shoes they are wearing. Tight-fitting shoes, high heels and the shoes with the narrow toe box can lead to the formation of the bunion. It seems that genetic factors also influence the abnormality to occur. In a number of cases, women who have a parent with a bunion are predisposed to developing such abnormality on the foot. However this fact should not be taken for granted. Not everyone with a parent who had bunion is likely to have it.


People should pay more attention to this abnormality and try to address the problem by referring to medical specialists if bunions become worse. If the bunion is too big and makes any shoes uncomfortable to wear probably the best solution is to undergo the surgery of the bunion. Surgery is the best way to get rid of the bunion since this specific surgery removes the bulging part of the bone. A person has to limit moving after the surgery, wear special shoes and after two or three months he can get back to normal activities. The preventive steps can be taken. Once a person notices a slight leaning of the big toe or slight extension at the base of the big toe he or she should consider wearing more comfortable shoes. This is the time when tight shoes should be avoided. Include wearing flip flops, wide shoes and not the narrow and high-heeled. If anyone in the family had or has a bunion adapt the shoes so as not to develop such a problem some time in the future. That part of the foot can be red, painful and swollen so the good idea is to put the ice on that place and leave it for ten minutes until the swelling wear off. Gentle massaging relieves the pain. Some jobs require a lot of walking and standing so if anyone does this kind of job he or she should try and sit and put the feet up whenever there is the chance. Bunion pads can be bought at pharmacies to cushion the sticking bunion.

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