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Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction and would like to become fathers are faced with some difficulties. Fortunately, erectile dysfunction does not have to be a reason why a man can't have biological treatments, and it certainly does not have to mean that he is unable to produce sperm. In many cases, the treatment for male impotence is relatively simple. There are many treatment options available for these men!

Determining the cause of the erectile dysfunction is important. In some cases, a man will be able to have an erection after receiving oral medications. Penile vacuum devices are also sometimes recommended by male infertility specialists, and they can be very effective. Penile injection therapy, the description of which pretty much speaks for itself, is yet another possibility. Trying to find a treatment that enables a man to have an erection should be the first step for men who have erectile dysfunction and would like to conceive. If this is not possible, there are various medical sperm extraction techniques available. They include testicular sperm extraction, micro epididymal sperm aspiration, and percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration. Once sperm has been obtained, it can be used for fertility treatments including intrauterine insemination, IVF, or ICSI, depending on the specific circumstances.

To be clear and concise erectile dysfunction does not have to stand in the way of realizing a couple's dream of parenthood. If the erectile dysfunction can be effectively cured, the chances of conceiving naturally will dramatically rise, and there will hopefully be no fertility problems at all. If this is not possible, modern fertility treatment enables many couples to still have the children they were hoping for. In either case, seeking medical attention, starting with an evaluation, will be a logical first step!

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