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What can you do if you are a man who has erectile dysfunction, and are desperate for a cure? More than you might think! There are more possible treatment options for erectile dysfunction than ever before. The possibilities depend on the cause of your erectile dysfunction. Let's take a look at what has worked for some men.

Lifestyle changes

Many men, especially younger men (see erectile dysfunction in young men) can greatly benefit from lifestyle changed to improve their erections. Do you smoke, drink regularly, are obese, or use recreational drugs? Get rid of those bad habits, and you might see you are suddenly able to get a hard on with no problems.


Viagra and other erection enhancing drugs may well be a good option for you. But, please resist the temptation to order these medications from the internet and see a medical professional to discuss the possibilities first.


Depending on the cause of a man's erectile dysfunction, surgery is sometimes an option. The goal of such operations is improving blood flow to the man's penis. This is essential for an erection, so it greatly improves the situation in some cases.

Penile pumps

Penile pumps to enhance a man's erection or establish it are often recommended by doctors. This is a low-invasion method that you may want to consider trying before moving on to more permanent treatments like penile surgery or implants.


Yes, they do exist! There are a lot of different penile implants that help men say goodbye to impotence forever. One type is bendable, meaning that the guy's penis is always kind of hard after having the implant placed. Many men do not feel comfortable with that, making a second option the inflatable penile implant a much more appealing one. These implants are normally used for men who have an underlying medical condition like diabetes, and where other treatments did not work.

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