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Erectile dysfunction is a problem that affects many people, probably more than it is actually reported, given the sensitive nature of this problem. Since it is so common, it is no wonder that there are so many drugs and remedies designed to cure erectile dysfunction, permanently or temporarily.

Of course, some of those medications and remedies are not only effective, but also completely safe. However, there are also those that are either completely useless and created only to steal money out of people’s pockets, or are unsafe and involving serious complications and negative effects on the health.

Most prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction are generally safe, as long as they are taken exactly as prescribed. On the other hand, various over-the-counter or herbal medications have not been sufficiently tested and there is not enough evidence on their safety and effectiveness.

Herbal and natural supplements for erectile dysfunction

Herbal remedies for erection problems have been known and used for centuries in many traditional medicines, such as Chinese, African and Indian medicine.

Epimedium or horny goat weed is a traditional Chinese remedy for impotence that has not been tested sufficiently and is suspected to cause blood thinning and hypotension.

Ginkgo is a herb that has many benefits for various ailments, and erectile dysfunction seems to be one of them. It works by increasing the blood flow to all parts of the body, including the penis, which is directly beneficial for the erection. It is particularly useful for erectile dysfunction due to antidepressants. However, it may cause excessive bleeding, which makes it unsuitable for some people.

Asian ginseng is another traditional Chinese remedy for erectile dysfunction. It is generally safe, but it does lower the blood sugar levels. In addition, it is not supposed to be taken with antidepressants.

Yohimbe is a remedy obtained from the bark of yohimbe tree. It can be obtained in form of presctiption drug called yohimbine and it seems to be very effective for erectile dysfunction due to psychological factors. This remedy has several negative side effects, such as anxiety, hypertension and increased heart rate, and it is highly recommended to see a doctor before using it.

Other natural remedies that may help with erectile dysfunction include zinc, folic acid and vitamin E. Zinc helps with erectile dysfunction in men who have zinc deficiency, but it should never be taken in large doses, because it can be toxic. Folic acid and vitamin E are, of course, completely safe, as long as they are taken according to estimated daily requirements.

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