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Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common problems that men face all over the world. This particular problem is not pleasant and it is quite troublesome for all men. That is why experts are looking for various ways to solve this problem and help men have proper sexual intercourse once again. Nowadays, there are a lot of products that will help men treat the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Viagra is the best known. Apart from the medications, there are also a lot of natural remedies that help in getting rid of erectile dysfunction. Ginger root is thought to be one such remedy. However, people should first get to know as much as they can about the ginger root.

Ginger described

Ginger plant is a member of the Ginger family of plants. Apart from ginger plant, there are two more members of this family. These plants are the turmeric and the cardamom. Ginger plant is a lot more popular than the other members of the ginger family due to the fact that it is being used in both medicine and cooking. Ginger root can be used when it is young but it can also be used when it is old and dry.Ginger root throughout the history

According to the data, ginger root comes from Asia. However, it did not take long and the plant spread to other subtropical climates amongst which are West Africa and the Caribbean. People have been using ginger root as a remedy for digestive problems for over than 5000 years. Even nowadays the root is used for sea and morning sickness. Ayurvedic Medicine also used the root for treating arthritis and rheumatism.

Active ingredients

People should know that there are three active ingredients in the plant and they are gingerol, zingerone and shogoals. The first ingredient is believed to be responsible for the treatment of an upset stomach and migraines.Ginger root and sex drive

According to the experts, both men and women have been using ginger root for a really long period of time in order to get back their sex drive. Apart from that, ginger root has been used for the increase of libido and even in treatment of premature ejaculation. It is a known fact that ginger root is mentioned in the Kama Sutra as an excellent stimulant.

According to the studies, ginger root increases testosterone in laboratory animals.Zenerect is known to contain ginger root, among other natural ingredients and that will help a person increase the level of testosterone and blood flow.

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