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Prostate is a gland size of a walnut, surrounding urethra in men. There are several problems related to this gland. In men under 50 years of age the main prostate problem is usually prostatitis, while men over 50 years mostly have troubles with enlarged prostate.

About Prostatitis

Inflammation of prostate gland or prostatitis is usually but not always caused by bacterial infection. It can also happen if the prostate has suffered some injury and starts to repair it. Men suffering from prostatitis usually have problems with urination, experience some burning sensations and urinating more frequently than normal and usual. Some of the patients have reported fever and malaise due to this condition.

Bacterial infections which have caused prostatitis are treated with antibiotic medications after diagnosis in urine sample. However, prostatitis may also be result of prostate irritation, kidney stones or even some cancers and in these situations proper therapy is change of diet, antihistamine drugs if necessary and warm baths. Different combination of mentioned treatments have been found to work for most prostatitis patients.

Prostate Enlargement

Process of aging affects all organs and tissues in the body, including prostate. This process is known to cause enlargement of this gland in older men and add extra pressure on their urethra, provoking urination problems. This condition is also called benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH. Most men experience urgency and increased frequency of urination and they often have problems to start urinating (which is known as hesitation). Also, many of these patients suffer from frequent nighttime urination or nocturia. Enlargement of the prostate is responsible for decreased flow or stasis of urine, which in turn can increase the chance for different infection of urinary tract in BPH patients.

This condition must be diagnosed early and for this purpose men over 50 years of age are advised to get digital rectal examination once every year. Additionally, doctors may also need an ultrasound and PSA (prostate specific antigen) blood test to screen for prostate cancer.Natural Remedies for Prostate

Many herbs are known to be helpful for people suffering from prostate problems. Ginger, pumpkin seeds, Pygeum bark extract and Maca root have been used by men with prostate difficulties and eased or cured their problem. Saw palmetto has been clinically researched and proven to decrease urinary problems in BPH patients. Active ingredients of green tea may also help these patients and prevent cancers.

L-arginine (essential amino acid), minerals such as selenium and zinc and vitamin E can all be used by men in order to prevent potential oxidative damage to prostate.

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