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The History of Electric Toothbrushes

Even though these may still seemmodern, electric toothbrushes were invented during the 1950s. The firstmodel of this device ever built was produced in Switzerland and itwas called Bruxodent. This toothbrush was powered through a cordrunning on AC power. The unit itself was created in order to helppeople with motor skill problems or those who have troubles brushingcorrectly.

The brush itself moved either from sideto side or in circular motions, providing good brushing for peoplewho had troubles doing this on their own or had dentures, braces andsimilar things, needing detailed cleaning.

Not long after, the first electrictoothbrush was created in America as well. However, this model ran onbatteries which had a short life before needing to be recharged. Thecharger itself was used as a stand for one or more brushes. However,the batteries were so bad that the brush itself was sometimes deadbefore you even finished your brushing.

Still, electric toothbrushes have comea long way since their first models and, nowadays, present a truework of art, being presented in numerous shapes and models.

Modern Electric Toothbrushes

Today, we are able to choose betweenvibrating toothbrushes and those which perform movements like theones we make with regular brushes. Moreover, there are variants whichoffer both of these modes.

Even though researches have shown thatelectric toothbrushes can offer little additional help andeffectiveness, when compared to regular toothbrushes, they still takethe lead. For example, electric toothbrushes can reach places regularcannot, providing your back teeth better care.

However, these devices are quiteexpensive and demand maintenance, head changing and various otherinterventions making them more complicated than the regular toothbrushes.However, if they offer the desired effect, they are worth the money.

Modern electric toothbrushes eithercome with a charger and rechargeable batteries or with batterieswhich can be changed once their power is depleted. Some models ofbrushes have installed displays or speakers, which can instruct youhow to properly brush, counting the time you spend on dental care.

All in all, there are useful thingsabout these brushes, which make them dominant when compared toregular ones. However, some people still prefer the classictoothbrushes, being capable of brushing correctly and not fearingthat the brush will start malfunctioning in any way. The choice isyours and, once you brush correctly, you cannot go wrong with any ofthese.

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