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Save Energy While Working Out

Many of us indulge into physicalexercising daily. We spend our energy in order to stay fit, healthyand in good shape. Many devices we use, while we are exercising inour household spend our electric energy, providing us a betterworkout experience with music, exercise machines and other gadgets.However, have you ever thought that you could save all the energy youspend, by using the machine on which you are working out in order togenerate electric energy? Well, you if you have not, then you should,since a bike generator can offer you this. With a bike generator youwill have all the energy you invest return to you double, boththrough physical advancement and generated electric energy. What ismore, you can create this miraculous device completely on your ownand start converting your physical energy into an electricone.

How Can I Create Energy?

You can do this quite easily. All youneed to do is follow your regular exercise routine while riding yourstationary bike with a bike generator mounted. If you are a skilledbike rider, you will be able to generate an amazing amount of up to200 Watts per hour. This may be more than you need to charge yourlaptop to its fullest, or your mobile phone. All devices you have inyour household have a specific number of Watts they need in order toget going. However, this method is only useful for things which go onbatteries since these can last. If you would have the bike generatorconnected with your refrigerator, you would have it working duringyou workout, but it would stop once you stop. Of course, by using thismethod, you will lose some Watts due to distribution and conversionwhile charging. Nevertheless, if you were going to ride that bike foran hour or two, you would probably like to be able to charge some ofyour devices for free along the way.

How Can I Build a Bike Generator?

Before anything else, you will need abicycle. Make it a good one which is easy to be ridden andcomfortable as well. Then, all you need to do is connect numerousthings onto it. Firstly you will need a bike training stand whichwill elevate your bike's back wheel of the ground and make it steady,enabling you to use the generator. Afterwards, you will need to mounta DC permanent magnet generator above the back wheel, making itsrotor get in contact with the wheel itself, spinning while you turnthe pedals. Subsequently, the output wires from the generator need tobe connected to a charge controller which will disable any dangerouscurrent variations. After this, the charge controller gets connectedto a battery array which gets plugged into a power inverter suitingyour purposes. Make sure you choose the right one since differentEurope and the US both use different voltage systems.

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