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Ways to Get Rid of Those Cold Sores and Blisters

Tea Bags

You have probably tried many ways, but you are still unable to ward off those nuisances of sores and blisters. Well, one of the best solutions to this problem is the use of a warm tea bag, directly pressed to your cold sore (20-30 minutes) in order to enable the tannins to do their work. And before you even know it, the sores will disappear by themselves.

Ice Cubes

In case you experience that warning tingle, the best way is to take an ice cube and put it directly on the spot where the cold sore has occurred. Do that every day, a couple of times for few minutes approximately, and it will be gone soon. It is important to cool that spot, but do not do it in the manner too aggressive, so that you don’t hurt your skin unnecessarily.


Daily intake of amino acid is yet another good way of dealing with those cold sores. It can be found as an ingredient in potatoes, chicken, fish, milk, brewer’s yeast etc. Despite this, a warm recommendation is to use the supplements, along with the previously mentioned food, in order to enhance their effectiveness and increase their benefits. Types of food that should be disregarded are nuts, oatmeal, peanuts, peas, seeds, chocolate, and also caffeine, sugar and alcohol.

Herpecin-L Lip Balm Stick

This is an extremely good product for healing cold sores, and even fever blisters. Its benefits stretch so far that, when you put it more than once per day, when experiencing the painful itches indicating a cold sore, the cold sore itself is not going to appear at all. Friendly warning – in order not to contaminate the solution in the tube with germs, it is better to put it on the finger prior to rubbing it onto the sore spot.

St. John’s Wort Oil

A good substitution for the Herpecin-L Lip Balm Stick is also this type of oil, which is rich in tannins that hold in them the potential to dry up that annoying cold sore, once it has appeared. Since oils belonging to the group of essential ones are extremely concentrated, you won’t be needing more than one or two drops of it. The fact that this oil is used primarily as a painkiller does not diminish its potential to soothe the nervous system and relieve the feeling of pain that is present.

Other ways of dealing with sores and blisters include the use of cotton ball soaked in Vitamin E Oil, and the use of Witch Hazel.

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