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Skin bumps are common problem in people exposed to some new surroundings. Although many people are convinced that only allergies may provoke these skin changes, this is not true, because many things are known to provoke bumps on dry skin.

These bumps are actually localized areas of swelling under the skin and they can vary in size. However, touching skin bumps may be unpleasant due to tenderness or pain associated with these skin changes, especially in people who develop redness and ulcers around the bumps.

What Causes Dry Skin Bumps?

As many people already know allergies are the most common but not the only reason that causes skin bumps on dry skin. If you happen to expose your back to some allergen you are sensitive to, such as animal dander, different chemicals or even pollen in some cases, you may develop bumps on that area of the body. Many people allergic to something also complain about itching and burning of skin bumps.

Insect bites are also known to cause dry skin bumps on any part of the body. Everyone knows that arms and legs get bitten by insects, but they can also leave their marks on your back, too. This is another allergic reaction, basically to insect’s saliva injected via the bite and your body reacts by forming skin bumps.

Another possible cause of dry skin bumps on the back is overproduction of keratin (hair protein). Too much of keratin might trap hair follicles, cause plugging up of hair and lead to skin bumps. Both children and adults may experience this unpleasantness.

Improper shaving and use of dirty blades may definitively lead to skin bumps. However, since not many people shave their back, this is not very likely to cause such skin issues on the back.

Home Help for Dry Skin Bumps

Mixture of cucumber juice and honey may be the help you need with dry skin bumps. Apply this mixture and leave it for some 15 minutes and then wash away. Any problematic skin bumps should stop itching after this treatment.

Milk and turmeric paste is another home remedy for dry skin bumps. Use the paste on the bumps and leave about 10 minutes and rinse with some water. People advise using this remedy regularly before bedtime, because it supposedly helps.

Medicated baths, made of one cup of baking soda and cornstarch are also considered to be great. Soak for 20 minutes in this bath, some 3 times per week and this should be effective against irritation and itching of skin bumps.

Combination of lavender and rosemary oils in same quantities is also thought to help. However, some people might respond better to another essential oil, so in order to get the right result consult an aromatherapist.

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