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Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure, which is also called a “tummy tuck”. It is performed for many reasons, but the most frequent purpose of this procedure is to make the abdomen more firm, and it is usually done after a significant weigh loss. This requires tightening of the muscle and fascia of the abdominal wall. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to remove additional skin and fat from the middle and lower part of the abdomen.

Today, we can definitely say that abdominoplasty is seen as a very common cosmetic procedure and even though it might seem more logical that women are much more interested in it than men, this procedure is actually required almost equally by both sexes. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that, in some cases, abdominoplasty is treated as a birthday or Christmas gift. It only implies that many people see it as one of the easiest ways to look better and lose weight and certainly a much easier way than ordinary exercising and dieting. However, the fact is that it is actually a serious and invasive surgery and that large openings in the skin have to be made.

The recovery time for abdominoplasty is individualistic and it depends on various factors. Some of them are the problems which need to be treated, the type of procedure, surgical technique, and others. It usually takes one to four weeks for a patient to recover, but the expected period of time to fully recover after this surgery procedure is from three to six months. The scar will still be visible even after that, though it will continue to fade. It might take even two years before the scar disappears definitely. At the beginning of the recovery time, there may be bruising, swelling, soreness, discomfort and the patients will practically feel incapacitated for some two weeks. They will be strongly advised to avoid heavy activities, as well as all forms of nicotine.

This surgical procedure, just like any other, can be risky and sometimes even life threatening. Even though it is generally considered to be one of the safer procedures and the complications rarely happen, it does not mean that blood clots, thrombosis, infections, and problems with the heart are not possible. This is why every single person who is thinking about such a possibility of loosing weight should carefully consider all the pros and cons before making the final decision on whether it is really worth all the trouble or not.

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