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Receding Gums

The question if the receding gums can grow back after a proper dental treatmentwill be the basis of this text. Receding gums is a visible and embarrassingproblem and it associated with the lower lined gum line attachment. This leadsto the attachment of the tooth on the roof or near the roof. The tooth willbe exposed and the yellowish tooth will be a very unpleasant sight. One of thepotential causes according to some of theories is the loss of gum tissue, but this is not true since the gum tissue only lowers and it is not lost. Somehabits, such as tobacco chewing, poor oral hygiene and vigorous brushing aresome of the possible causes of this problem. But if they recede or not is somethingmost of the people with receding gums are wondering. We will see ifthis is true in the following text.

Do They Grow Back?

The fact remains that the loss of gums is not associated with the actual losssince the gums cannot be lost and they remain in the oral cavity, regardless ofthe vigorous brushing. They are supposed to be in a certain level, but due to thereceding gums, they found themselves in lower position than normal. But sincethe gums cannot grow back into a tooth, the question is if the receding gumscan actually grow back. The actual problem is weather the gums can be broughtin the normal position. The receding gums can be treated in several ways. Thecause of the problem will determine the treatment. Brushing properly is crucialif the problem is caused by the constant abrasion. Root planning and teethcleaning are advised to those who are having a problem because of the poor oralhygiene. The gum tissue attachment is prevented by the calculus and the plaqueand they are eliminated by root planning and teeth cleaning. Deep gum cleaningis need for the calculus and subgingival plaque and this procedure is doneunder a local anesthesia. Gingival graft is an option for severe cases ofreceding gums, which involves taking a gum tissue piece and putting it in thereceding area of the gums. This will eventually lead to the covering of thereceding area. Be careful if you are having receding gums problem. This is acommon problem that even targets younger population, which is disturbing. Thisis caused by the lifestyle of these generation and their chewing tobacco andsmoking habits. There are serious problems, such as irreversible recession ofthe gingival tissue, if the problem is not treated accordingly.

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