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It can be said that the human body is very fragile and susceptible to many disorders or diseases that are caused by environmental factors. Some of these conditions are very common and are not harmful for the overall health of the person, such as dizziness or headaches. However, these two conditions, sometimes can be very serious when they are the indicators of some serious health condition.

Dizzy spells and headaches

Almost everyone has experienced dizziness or headaches during their lives. Dizzy spells refers to a condition when a person feels like he/she is going to lose consciousness. Many people experience this condition as vertigo when the objects in the surrounding are seen as if they are moving in a circular way. Dizzy spells are usually accompanied by headaches, which occur in the forehead in most people. When these two conditions appear at the same time, it usually indicates that there is certain medical condition developed in the body, which is why it is important to consult a doctor in such cases.

Causes of dizzy spells and headaches

Dizzy spells may be caused due to several reasons. In most cases, an injury to the head almost always leads to the occurrence of dizziness and vertigo. The people who sleep less, people who do not sleep well but work hard, and people who are under constant stress are prone to experience dizziness accompanied by headache. Furthermore, people who suffer from hypotension or low blood pressure usually experience dizziness when the blood pressure suddenly drops below 120/80 mm Hg. Sometimes, they even lose consciousness.

One of the causes of dizziness and headaches is dehydration. Therefore, many people feel dizzy when they are exposed to sun or heat for a long period of time, since it is the prime cause for the occurrence of dehydration. In order to avoid it, we have to stay well-hydrated every time we know that we will have to spend some time outdoors when the sun is strong.

As we already know almost every medicine has its adverse effects. One of the side effects of many medications is dizziness followed by headache. Therefore, it is extremely important to follow the instructions labeled on every drug and to take them exactly as it is written in the instructions. Dizzy spells and headaches also occur when the heart or the brain does not receive enough amounts of fresh oxygenated blood due to some obstruction or blockage in the blood vessels. When this happens, the person feels dizziness and usually becomes unconscious.

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