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Vomiting and dizziness

People should know that when they experience dizziness and vomiting, they might be suffering from a couple of medical conditions. However, people should also know that in most cases these symptoms occur quite often and are usually not that serious. In addition to that, dizziness and vomiting can also be a sign that some parts of the body are not functioning properly. Every person knows that dizziness is an uneasy feeling of light-headedness or faintness. In most cases a person will feel that everything around him or her is spinning. There are several causes that are most often to blame for dizziness and they are poor blood circulation, high or low blood pressure, dehydration, anemia, vertigo and heart or brain problems. Vomiting is usually caused by a gastrointestinal illness like food poisoning or flu. In certain situations a person will experience both of these uneasy feelings.

Causes of vomiting and dizziness

There are situations in which a person will experience both dizziness and vomiting at the same time. Motion sickness is one such medical condition. There are always a couple of people on the plain, bus or car who experience motions sickness. The main reason why that happens is because the sense balance is disturbed due to constant motion. In these situations the people who experience dizziness and vomiting are urged to use brown bags.

Pregnancy is another situation when dizziness and vomiting occur at the same time. This usually happens during the first trimester and in situations when women stand up way too quickly. In that situation the blood pressure drops which results in dizziness and, usually, vomiting.

There are people who experience dizziness and vomiting because they suffer from a certain anxiety disorder called agoraphobia. A person with this anxiety disorder fears public places, open spaces and crowds. When a person finds him or herself in these situations, he or she will start to panic and at that time he or she will experience dizziness and vomiting. Apart from them, a person may also experience abdominal distress and excessive sweating.

An inflammation and irritation of the inner ear is also known as one of the causes of dizziness and vomiting. When the ability of the inner ear to maintain balance is disturbed, a person will feel dizzy and be prone to vomiting.

Apart from these, there are some other conditions that may cause dizziness and vomiting like caffeine overdose, exposure to carbon monoxide, panic disorders, peptic ulcers, endometriosis and several others.

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