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Information on Zinc
Zinc is one of the essential minerals and it can be found in all the cells in the human body. It is an integral part of numerous different types of enzyme activities and biochemical reactions. It is very important for the synthesis of DNA, maintenance of proper sense of smell and taste, the healing of wounds and the maintenance of a healthy and functional immune system. Zinc is also one of the main factors of normal development and growth during the adolescence and childhood and it also boosts the development of sperm which is required for the fertilization and ovulation.
Health Benefits
Zinc can be taken in the form of zinc gluconate lozenges in order to accelerate the healing of common cold. One may also try using the zinc sprays for the same purposes. Zinc supplements can be very helpful but they need to be combined with copper supplements because they sometimes tend to significantly reduce the absorption of copper in the body. Zinc should not be taken on an empty stomach because it may trigger nausea and certain other digestive problems.
Zinc Deficiency
Sometimes a person may also suffer from zinc deficiency which is mostly triggered by poor absorption of zinc or inadequate amounts of ingested zinc. Zinc deficiency can be characterized by certain symptoms such as loss of appetites, skin lesions, eye lesions, impotence, delayed sexual maturation, diarrhea, hair loss and sometimes even growth retardation. Certain other symptoms of zinc deficiency may include mental lethargy, taste abnormalities, delayed healing of wounds and weight loss. Zinc deficiency should not be left unattended because it may lead to certain medical complications. The main risk factors for zinc deficiency include alcoholism, inadequate caloric intake and a wide array of different types of digestive diseases. Vegetarians usually suffer from zinc deficiency much more than non vegetarians because plant based foods usually do not provide sufficient amounts of zinc. Most alcoholics suffer from zinc deficiency, mostly because they do not have an wide variety of food items included in their diets. Diarrhea, short bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease and spure may be responsible for malabsorption and loss of zinc. Another important fact is that zinc deficiency may lead to a compromised immune system. Zinc may sometimes be used for the prevention of iron deficiency anemia, along with several other types of nutritional supplements. Sometimes a person may suffer from zinc toxicity as well. High levels of zinc may lead to increased levels of bad cholesterol in the blood.

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