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Treatment-resistant depression is a state in which thepatient does not quite respond to the methods normally used to deal with thiscondition, such as psychotherapy or medications, or if he or she does, it is only fora short while, after which the patient returns to his or her desperate, bleak state.

Psychology is not an exact science and every individual canreact to treatment differently, therefore there are numerous reasons as to whysomeone might be resisting it. The important thing is to identify the source ofthese issues so that they can be dealt with.

One of the most frequent reasons is emotional stress.Whether it is a trauma that someone is carrying from his childhood or everydaystress involving financial or personal issues, emotional stress can obstructthe effect of the medications, and psychotherapy would perhaps be much moreeffective.

On the other hand, sometimes people do not really accept thattheir problem is medical and decide that they know what is best for them bylowering their doses, or skipping them when they feel that they are better. Orthey could just simply forget to take their medications every once in a while.These things should be mentioned to the doctor so that he could take them intoconsideration when deciding on the next step.

Sometimes there is an underlying problem of physical naturethat might be interfering with prescriptions for depression or even anothermental issue that is being overlooked or unnoticed because the focus is on thedepression itself. There are many cases of bipolar disorder being confused withdepression.

When first noticing symptoms of depression, one does nothave to rush to a psychotherapist at once. The regular doctor is just asadequately equipped to prescribe the antidepressants. However, if the symptomskeep appearing then the best thing to do would be to see a psychiatrist.

No matter which course of treatment one decides to undergo,it is essential to remember not to settle as soon as there are signs ofimprovement, because the more successful and complete the treatment is, theless chance there is for a relapse from depression.

Besides, even if more than a few treatments seem to fail,one should not be discouraged, since there are plenty of medical strategies incombating depression out there nowadays.

From the dose of the antidepressants in use orcombining them with some other medications or a different kind ofantidepressants, to various types of therapy, including individual, family andmarital, or group therapy, there is bound to be a solution for recovery. One shouldjust make sure to be completely honest and open with his doctor so that it can be found.

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