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Constipation and depression

It is observed that constipation and depression are somehow connected since in many cases whenever constipation occurs it is accompanied or followed by depression and vice versa. Many people who suffer from these both conditions simultaneously wonder if it is just a coincidence or these conditions are really influenced or induced by each other.

Constipation refers to the condition when the person has only two or even fewer bowel movements in a week which can cause serious health problems. When one has not had the bowel movement for three days, for example, the stool in the bowel continues to harden and thus it is very hard to expel it from the body. It is also considered that those people who have the troubles with hard stools or with straining during the bowel movements are also suffering from constipation.

On the other side, depression refers to the mood disorder featured by the negative thoughts and general feeling of sadness. A person can become depressed for various reasons like lifestyle changes and eating habits. Furthermore, depression may be induced by the loss of the loved person or due to the health problems.

Depression causes constipation

When one is depressed it may have various consequences mainly the negative ones which are not only emotional but physical as well. One of the possible results of depression is constipation.

Serotonin and norepinephrine are two chemicals in the brain which regulate our mood by carrying the messages from the brain to the nerves. In the case of depression, the levels of these transmitters are decreased and it reflects on the body, as well as on the emotional state of the person. The doctors then prescribe the antidepressants to replace the reduced levels of the transmitters and constipation appears as an adverse effect of antidepressants.

Constipation causes depression

We should keep in mind that constipation does not induce the clinical depression but it makes the constipated person feel depressed. Once again, the chemicals in the brain are responsible for this.

Constipation enables the normal absorption of the essential nutrients which are necessary for the body including the brain. The brain without sufficient amounts of nutrients cannot produce enough serotonin and norepinephrine and reduced levels of these chemicals causes depression. If constipation lasts for a long period it makes the things even worse since the toxins which are usually ejected from the body via the bowel movements now are re-absorbed.

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