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One of many forms of dermatitis that affects the skin is called perioral dermatitis. It usually affects younger women, but male population and children can have it, too. Perioral dermatitis affects areas around the mouth, in a form of acne - like bumps, accompanied with peeling, redness and inflammation of skin around the bumps.

The causes of perioral dermatitis is various but most common one is by using cleaning or cosmetics products that contains inhaled or topical steroids. As soon that you have a symptoms of perioral dermatitis, you should try to find what cause it, and stop using it.

There are also several things that you can do by yourself in your home, in order to help yourself and prevent the appearance of perioral dermatitis, or to relive the symptoms of it.

Here are some of those tips;

anti acne lotions (you can by them in any pharmacy)avoid skin irritantsalways protect from sunchoose anti irritant cosmetics (like especially mild soaps, etc.)avoid facial scrubs, not use fluoride toothpastes and other fluoride based dental hygiene products


Avoid using inhaled or topical steroids, heavy moisturizers, possibly problematic skin creams thick cosmetics or heavy skin products. In cases of hereditary perioral dermatitis, best that you can hope to do is use various remedies to ease the symptoms of recurring perioral dermatitis.

The usual home remedies for treatment of perioral dermatitis are special creams and change of diet. You should also try to avoid stress at any cost, because stress situations enhance the symptoms of perioral dermatitis. Good night sleep and plenty of rest is must in these situations.

Grape seeds are very good remedy for perioral dermatitis. You can use it as an extract and try to apply it directly on affected areas, in order to lessen the symptoms, or you can drink it, too.

When washing your face, use a mild soap or facial cleaner, several times per day, in order to prevent infections or irritations of affected skin areas.

In case that you did see your dermatologist, he or she can prescribe you some oral antibiotics, to help you deal with outbreak of perioral dermatitis. Also, corticosteroid ointments and creams can be prescribed, too.

In cases of more severe occurrence of perioral dermatitis, visiting your doctor is absolute must. In left untreated, perioral dermatitis can be present for months, and sometimes years. In case it becomes recurrent, same therapies are applied.

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