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The infertility among men is on the rise: infertility caused by male factor has risen for 50% in last 50 years. This can be contributed to lifestyle factors, pollution, alcohol, cigarettes and many more. This is a reason good enough many researches are targeting male fertility. Scientists from Yale discovered a breakthrough method to select the healthiest sperm that would be a sperm that has the best DNA integrity and the best potential to fertilize female egg. This method is actually very similar to the one that is applied when egg naturally selects the sperm with best potential.

Gabor Huszar, a director of the Sperm Physiology Lab and senior research scientist in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences at Yale emphasized that the results of this study could help address the fact that more than 40% of infertility problems are in connection with male infertility. Naturally, an egg would decide by itself and choose the sperm available. For example, past semen analysis focused only on sperm motility and the concentration of sperm they did not offer any data on the sperm s fertility possibilities and its ability to attach to female gamete. For example, during IVF scientists did not know which of sperms has the best potential to fertilize. However, with this research the options have changed: scientists have found a biochemical marker of sperm fertility.

This consequently means they can select sperm with the highest genetic integrity. This is great news guys this also means that the IVF success rate theoretically could come close to 100%! Research team studied the idea that binding sperm to hyaluronic acid selects sperm with high DNA integrity. Samples from 50 men were studied and a part of the sperm in the semen was allowed to bind to hyaluronic acid, and then that semen was isolated and the DNA chain was compared to the original sperm in semen. Sperm with high potential was stained green, and diminished DNA integrity red.

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