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Panic Attacks

Several serious illnesses can be the blame for severe panic attacks, but the attacks can also develop on their own. The best solution for this situation when panic attacks occur is to consult a medical doctor. Panic attack can occur without any warning or symptoms of any sort. They just come suddenly and you cannot detect them until they are already triggered. Panic attacks can last for an entire day, or they can also last for just a few minutes, depending on the severity of the attack. There is, however, an important issue regarding the frequency of the panic attack, which is more relavent than the strength of the symptoms and the duration of the panic attacks. Life can be very difficult if you experience these attacks on regular basis. Panic attacks are considered severe, no matter the situation, and must be treated accordingly, to avoid the dangers and problems that can befall a person who is experiencing them. There are several other panic disorders that can cause the panic attacks, and a doctor should be consulted once the panic attack strikes. Some serious health issues can have the same symptoms as severe panic attacks.


Headaches, nausea, rapid heartbeat and breath shortness are the most common symptoms of a panic attack but heart attack can come in a pair with the rapid heart rate. You can see that visiting a doctor in a situation when a panic attack strikes is crucial and may save your life in certain situations. Stressful events are the biggest causes for the panic attacks, but you have to see a doctor if they become regular because there is a chance of a panic disorder is present. Such disorders can only be cured with treatment, so you cannot expect them to go away on their own. See what causes the panic attacks so you can identify the triggers to avoid them. This may help, but only for a while, because there is a chance that new ones will arise. The panic thinking is hard to break away from, but you can get help from friends and family, also, a visit with a doctor is still the best and the safest way of battling panic attacks.

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