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Keep Those Teeth Safe

Many athletes who indulge intoaggressive sports like football, basketball, lacrosse, rugby andothers, opt for mouth guards in order to protect themselves, that is theirteeth and mouth. Namely, during these sports, there is agreat danger of being hit in the teeth, possibly causing theirdamage. Thus, more and more athletes decide to protect them withthese special mouth guards. Even though all types of these productsare able to do their jobs right and keep the teeth of their userssafe, some are simply better than the others.

Custom Mouth Guards vs Over-the-counterMouth Guards

As far as these protective items areconcerned, many people decide to buy mouth guards which are bought,boiled and then bitten in order for them to take the form our teethhave and fit properly when we wear them. Unfortunately, this is notalways the case, since these are known for being unsuitable andfalling off often. Moreover, these, over-the-counter mouth guards arequite hard. Thus, they may cause dental problems to those who wearthem, especially professional athletes since they wear these most ofthe time. There are several other drawbacks of these generic mouthguards, making them a wrong choice. However, there is a better one,and that is ordering a custom made mouth guard, fitting your teethand mouth perfectly and providing the best possible support as wellas protection.

Benefits of Custom-made Mouth Guards

Taking into consideration that thesetypes of mouth guards will fit you better than the previouslymentioned ones, your teeth will be better protected. Also, your headwill be more secure and safe from possible concussions.

Additionally, these items are made foryour specific purposes. Thus, your custom mouth guard will surelyprovide you better comfort, better air transition and head posture.Subsequently, you will feel more comfortable and will not getdistracted by your mouth guard. This will keep you focused and willboost your performance.

The list of benefits does not stophere, since these custom-made mouth guards are far more durable thanall the other ones. Furthermore, they match your jaw and teethflawlessly, leaving no chance for teeth deformation or any other kindof mishap. You wear it – you are protected and that is all to it.

Finally, these mouth guards are madeoptimally thick. Thickness and hardness levels are crucial and evensmall imbalances regarding these qualities can cause injuries. Withcustom mouth guards, there is no room for danger. However, if youwant, you can have your mouth guard made in the colors of your teamand/or make it attachable to your helmet or some other part of yourgear.

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